Do Not Sell My Personal Information

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), gives residents of the state of California the right to prevent businesses from selling their personal information. Seaside on the Pier takes your privacy very seriously. We do not sell your personal information.

However, we support the CCPA by allowing California residents to opt out of any future sale of their personal information.

If you would like to record your preference that Seaside on the Pier not sell your data in the future, please submit the following information below.

The Do Not Sell My Personal Information Form

Got Questions? We’re Here for You!

At Seaside on the Pier, your privacy matters as much as your dining experience. If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices or concerns related to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), please feel free to reach out to our team through our Contact Us form. We value your privacy and are here to assist you in any way we can.

Seaside on the Pier remains steadfast in our commitment to transparency, security, and giving you the tools to control your personal information. Beyond crafting a menu that tantalizes taste buds with the finest seafood, pizzas, and burgers, we are equally dedicated to giving you the tools to control your personal information. Thank you for entrusting us with your privacy.

Our Privacy Commitment

Our Privacy Policy is your comprehensive resource for understanding our commitment to data protection, transparency, and privacy. To learn more about the measures we take to ensure your online security and the responsible handling of your data, take a moment to view our Privacy Policy. Your trust is paramount, and we’re here to keep you informed every step of the way.

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